Sunday, 6 November 2011

Light Painting

So Here I am again, seeing how the world has changed since the last post, where driving a car is second nature but I couldnt pass the test because I need to be EXTRA paranoid to pass.
Employment status remains the same, as in there is none, but for the most part things are on the rise.
OK maybe not all the same, I have filled my time with light painting and as of tomorrow some parkour/freerunning (depends what training I want to do)

These 2 activities are definitely giving me some driving force to get my body back into both phyical and mental shape, a while back I thought my arm would fall off from malnourishment, stupid as it sounds, but I buffed them up enough to keep them stable, but not enough to be a familiar face on MTV

Pictured: Douches and skanks

Light painting has sprung up from a good man by the name of Rob Tobin (check out his profile on Flickr here). He has been doing it for about half a year now and brought me along to some of the shots. I supplied him with fireworks in return, and boy did he put them to use!

In turn it inspired me to see if I could do something to do with timelapse and exposure shots with my own camera, the results are basic, but a great start for me.

Heres hoping it develops into something better over time.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Time Management

If there was one wish I could have had for this week, its that I would give all of my spare time to my girlfriend.
Its a strange wish, but we are in two very different lifestyles; I spend 2 hours a week only in anything resembling work, while she is on her toes 24/7, and then studying hard for exams during the weekend on top of that. She's an incredible woman, I don't know how she does it. I would kill to give her some extra time to unwind, chill out from the stresses of the world, and ultimately to see her happy, I mean REALLY happy.

Mushiness FTW!

It also brings about what time I have to burn during the week, and the answer is simply too much. At the time of typing I have done no more than 13 hours of sleep today. This may have been from the mad night out last night in which I robbed a piece of the bars furniture for fun, but its still a far cry from the 7 or 8 hours of sleep I had during this time last year (it got less to 5 later on but its the normal times I like to put in).
All week I go in search of employment to fill in time during a week that is slowly degenerating me, and the excercise of cycling has got pretty annoying when its pissing rain or winds blowing into your face and freezing your ears to an icy blue. But this really is a heavenly thought for those busting their asses all year round, having nothing to do but think and relax.

What makes this even more annoying to you stressed out people out there is that I have a giant lack of time management skills. I have all the time in the world, yet I struggle to find things to do because somehow I run out of time.
I despise this but it keeps happening. Try as I may to plan a day out, and chances are I oversleep from the previous night of doing nothing, and half the day is gone.
The odd things that pop up to fill time are in pursuit of better skills.After finding out a CV building course is happening not too far away from me, I jumped at the idea so thats 3 days of time filled well,
And now I am on the cancellation list for my second crack at my driving test, hoping to do better this time round.

This is NOT what happened at the last set of lights

I just hope some employment opportunity comes around before I go crazy.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Fall of apple

Its a sad day when probably one of the greatest innovators of the last few decades passes away, and just months since he resigned as CEO from his own company.

I will admit, myself and the Apple corporation have not seen eye to eye all that much, particularly a few years back when I made them the antagonistic company that would take over the world in Resistance:Fall of Apple.

It was a strange thing in hindsight

But deep down its hard not to respect Jobs for developing something as symbolic as an iPod, it was for many the gadget of the noughties, the successor to walkmans and now many sound systems have iPod docks specifically for the product. And now with new iPads and iPhones roaming the market in the hands of consumers, the tech certainately wont be forgotten, his legacy of 338 US patents or patent applications related to a range of technologies is staggering,
However, one must now wonder what Apple will do next now that they have lost someone like Jobs. Will they find a spark to continue creating quality products? Will they find some innovative piece of tech that will change the world quite like Macs or iPods? Time will tell.

Heres to IMO the greatest inventor of the 21st century

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

So I am sleepy...

I really shouldn't be surprised, during the summer I regularly stay up until 5AM playing the likes of Halo or Call of Duty, or go on early morning filming,

But this reason is more to do with me writing essays so perfect that by the time I stop writing its 4AM, and I had started at 9 the previous night! And yet when someone else sees it, they instantly correct it all to counter all of my points....insomnia builds when you have to do the same thing the next night.

Why I am doing all this typing when I could be doing more fun things like playing the Battlefield 3 trial, or having a proper sleep cycle like most normal people? well its all to end a war of words, and I dont want to back down at the same time because I lose these types of arguements week in week out, NOT THIS TIME! its a point that I must win or forever be on a defensive I so detest.

And one of these points I must counter is one I didnt even remember to begin with. Apparently 2 weeks back in town there was some mad arguement between 2 of my good friends, and I was criticised for A)Not defusing the arguement, and B) being used by one of them to get what they wanted. In all honesty, I dont remember any of it I was so plastered! All I remember were people feeding me spirits and shots, and the next I was in a taxi listening to George Michael-fast love. These type of nights are rare for me, maybe every 5 or 6 months that I lose memory of a night, but I now have to answer questions I didnt recollect to begin with, its like a less important Jason Bourne scenario.

This war of words may start getting funny sooner that later, I am actually finding it making me want to fight more just for the craic, but it must end with both sides seeing the others thoughts, and at the end all I want is to have fun times again instead of warring words.....but I must win :P

I guess the other reason for me staying up is that I got my Sennheiser HD205 headphones in working condition again, and the bass is tremendously fun to listen to! put on some Fatboy Slim or some instrumentals with a kicking bassline (or if you want some freaky shit, type "The Room Dubstep" into youtube, you wont be disappointed) The downside of this is that its almost a drug, I cant leave the PC because the quality is so good, and one or two minutes pass and its 7 or 8AM.

Speaking of which, days are getting darker, it seems like a million years since the unforgettable one and only barbecue I had in July (and the familys only one, they did none the summer was that shite!) and it shows with leaves falling, monkey nuts finally showing up in Tesco along with the plague of christmas stuff that has been there since August. I am looking forward to Halloween this year, may not have the explosives and Jack/coke cans I usually have by now, but improvised sparkler madness can be had a least if I dont head up this time round.

Sadly I had to return Gears of War 3 back into the hands of Xtravision today, but it wont be forgotten, so expect some game reviews coming up on this blog soon, for all games in the trilogy, and maybe some things I have played recently enough (I'm looking at you Driver:San Francisco!)

Enjoy some music typical of this time of year (at least for me), while I get some shuteye!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

New blog?

Well this new blogging lifestyle may be something completely different to me, but I may as well document my year in purgatory, never know, could get some kicks out of it,

You stalkers out there may be wondering about this 'purgatory' I see myself in. You see, I was in college and by the end of three years study (or drinking, whatever you prefer) I passed all but one module. Worse still, it was the one worth the least amount of credit, but all must be passed so at this moment in time I am not in Heaven (graduating with some of the best mates ever known) nor Hell (doing all the difficult modules again). This leaves more spare time than most could ever need, but I have a great ability to find ways to fill in the time.

My main goal is unsurprisingly to pass this one module, get my piece of paper and get out of the country for a well paid job. Or better yet, follow my seven steps to world domination and live happily with my beautiful girlfriend for evermore, wealthy with money, friends and the knowledge to keep it all together

Or at least, thats the plan...

Heres hoping for a better 2011/12 than last year eh?