Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Fall of apple

Its a sad day when probably one of the greatest innovators of the last few decades passes away, and just months since he resigned as CEO from his own company.

I will admit, myself and the Apple corporation have not seen eye to eye all that much, particularly a few years back when I made them the antagonistic company that would take over the world in Resistance:Fall of Apple.

It was a strange thing in hindsight

But deep down its hard not to respect Jobs for developing something as symbolic as an iPod, it was for many the gadget of the noughties, the successor to walkmans and now many sound systems have iPod docks specifically for the product. And now with new iPads and iPhones roaming the market in the hands of consumers, the tech certainately wont be forgotten, his legacy of 338 US patents or patent applications related to a range of technologies is staggering,
However, one must now wonder what Apple will do next now that they have lost someone like Jobs. Will they find a spark to continue creating quality products? Will they find some innovative piece of tech that will change the world quite like Macs or iPods? Time will tell.

Heres to IMO the greatest inventor of the 21st century

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