Sunday, 2 October 2011

New blog?

Well this new blogging lifestyle may be something completely different to me, but I may as well document my year in purgatory, never know, could get some kicks out of it,

You stalkers out there may be wondering about this 'purgatory' I see myself in. You see, I was in college and by the end of three years study (or drinking, whatever you prefer) I passed all but one module. Worse still, it was the one worth the least amount of credit, but all must be passed so at this moment in time I am not in Heaven (graduating with some of the best mates ever known) nor Hell (doing all the difficult modules again). This leaves more spare time than most could ever need, but I have a great ability to find ways to fill in the time.

My main goal is unsurprisingly to pass this one module, get my piece of paper and get out of the country for a well paid job. Or better yet, follow my seven steps to world domination and live happily with my beautiful girlfriend for evermore, wealthy with money, friends and the knowledge to keep it all together

Or at least, thats the plan...

Heres hoping for a better 2011/12 than last year eh?

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