Sunday, 6 November 2011

Light Painting

So Here I am again, seeing how the world has changed since the last post, where driving a car is second nature but I couldnt pass the test because I need to be EXTRA paranoid to pass.
Employment status remains the same, as in there is none, but for the most part things are on the rise.
OK maybe not all the same, I have filled my time with light painting and as of tomorrow some parkour/freerunning (depends what training I want to do)

These 2 activities are definitely giving me some driving force to get my body back into both phyical and mental shape, a while back I thought my arm would fall off from malnourishment, stupid as it sounds, but I buffed them up enough to keep them stable, but not enough to be a familiar face on MTV

Pictured: Douches and skanks

Light painting has sprung up from a good man by the name of Rob Tobin (check out his profile on Flickr here). He has been doing it for about half a year now and brought me along to some of the shots. I supplied him with fireworks in return, and boy did he put them to use!

In turn it inspired me to see if I could do something to do with timelapse and exposure shots with my own camera, the results are basic, but a great start for me.

Heres hoping it develops into something better over time.

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