Friday, 26 April 2013

30 day challenge: Day 1

Write some basic things about yourself

So this should be simple, but at the same time I cannot help but feel like I have to impress someone, preferably of the opposite sex and with a drunken glint of passion through my eye after a few glasses of jack and coke.

still, lets get to it.

I am Paul (hence
the Lil Paul name), I was born in the 1980's and hail from the emerald isle of Ireland

I am shy of 6 feet by a few inches (yeah I dont do height calculations very well!) and and relatively slim. I feel like I am improving in physique with each passing week though, thanks exercise! and I have the mixed lifestyle that the 2000's and 2010's have done so well at mixing so far.

I could be described as a skanger that barely made it over to the alternative side, so there is a variety of lifestyles that clash, be it trips to tesco for reduced food to enjoying myself at a good rock bar. On top of that, there is the nerdy element, and I am certainately affiliated with the games industry over any other medium. Halo is the king, and I enjoy games from every area, even from PS3 contrary to popular belief. And I can be a chameleon of sorts, almost anyone I interact with I can find a common interest, but usually that also means I stay quiet in case I have to say something more deep (who won the football? who won the rugby? whats this latest band?)

If am a poster child of anti-drugs, which is ironic seeing as I have hung out with a fair few smokers and cannabis users over the years. Still, I am amoral in this respect, they can do anything and I wont stop them, so long as they dont shove it down my throat.

I like hanging out in town, but a lot of the time I reside in my man cave, complete with TV, xbox and laptop, and a surround sound system just for fun too.

I am the quiet type that secretly comes out and goes crazy when needed, and I have the style of being fairly crazy and at the same time have the potential to be the depressed detective type all at once.

So there we go, day 1, you know a bit about me.

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