Wednesday, 23 January 2013

50 Things about 2012

1.The first 24 hours of 2012: long texts, horde mode, aircoach, Duquesa, forced awake and intaking 2 extra bottles of Marques de Cacares despite a messy end to 2011, joy.

this view too

2.the last 24 hours of 2012: fixing the xbox, while planning a rather fun 2013. bottle of 7up can keep you alive for 3 straight days if you try.

4.Working in retail indeed teaches you to hate people

5. Bacbar, sweet jesus the messiness!

6.I am willing to die for some, and merely just a few injuries for others.

7.A Corolla is some beast to drive, and fun to master.

8.Photoshop keeps you sane when everything else isnt.

9. Dont beat someone too much at minigames.

10. Ulster Bank sure like making you wait to get your payslips, fecking technical fault

11. A quick trigger finger is expensive for something like paintballing, perhaps it was better to be a marksman than a Rambo?!

12. 12PM,12.12.12, the worst hour of 2012, appropriate timing eh?!

13. You couldnt hide my smile when I found out I was to graduate :)

14. Dr. Jones, Return of the Mack, Gangnam Style;If you know the connection, you'd better stay quiet!

15. 27 clothes pegs on your face makes for a great photo

16. Dishonored, it may not be the best looking (Halo 4), the most popular(Black Ops 2), or the smartest (Assassins creed) game out there, but it knew what I wanted, and delivered. My game of the year

17. 2 hours of Business a week truly ages you, and degenerates you into a shadow

18. On the other side of the coin, the enthusiasm you show when being in a Broadcasting Technology lecture is surprising to say the least.

19. my IADT experience for 2/3rds of 2012

20. the assassins game is getting too popular, let it go on for more than a mere 5 days this time lads!

21. The first time you absail down the quarry in Dalkey is a fear conquering experience.

22. The second time you absail down feels like a mission in Call of Duty, flying down the side as quickly as possible.

23. Chelsea Beating Bayern Munich over penalties was great imagery, if only because it was seen behind the counter of a chipper in Bray

24. Ronan, that match in the RDS was Class! best do it again soon

25. Doyles needs to fix their bannister.

26. A week in March was considered the Irish Summer, while the dying days of December rivalled some July days. sometimes I wonder...

27. Nandos is a must dine experience after mini golf.

28. You CAN surf in Killiney Beach, you just need some conditions for it.

Its pretty damn cool!

29. I did not find Ted funny, aside from the one Susan Boyle joke.

30. Photo's in Killiney end up as blackmail pics for trolling, nice one Ed.

31. Irelands where were you moment: Katie Taylor winning Gold in the London olympics; unfortunately I was in a workshift where the only shoppers were women complaining that men were enjoying women beat each other up....

32. Buy a scratchcard off an attractive co-worker when off shift, it makes you out as a risky gambler type.

33.Don't be surprised when said co worker actually is crazy instead of the sweet innocent type you thought, as she goes wild and messy on the dancefloor with random lads.

34. Haywire was to me the first American film set in Ireland which didnt have negative Irish stereotypes. Even Michael Fassbender baiting the heroine about the place felt justified when he ends up getting killed at the end of the fight.

35. I own Emmy's wristband on my arm, and she now owns the skull I had round my neck. A nice trade off for someone I will never meet again until the next life. Kudos crazy lady.

36. Dark Knight Rises, a rather popular choice but its my film of 2012. Not the greatest ever, but I didn't exactly see many others. Amazing spiderman perhaps as runner up......nah

37. Its hard to stop thinking about the good times when in a long cycle of bad times...

38. Selling the Family Guy Game=Value for money

39. Trading in Modern Warfare 3 for €4=still value for money :)

40. go light painting with like minded people, you learn some pretty good techniques!

41. You can get too old for camping holidays, but only temporarily

42. Remember to get the aul fella some bacon fries if you are getting some anyway.

43. Learn to Appreciate sitcoms on Channel 4; How I met your mother, Frasier, and the older noughties hits are worth the watch.

44. Run fast, and run the distance.

45. You miss your free space after a few months, and long for an indoor place where no ones watching.

46. Cooking oil wont blow up from a firework, but dont stand too close to the sun when it happens eh?!

47. Dominos deals are amazing when theres no food left.

48. Shanai got to know me this year, and I hope to dine there again when the money rolls in again, best Indian round the area.

49. 2012 seemed like the second part of a trilogy: the drama increased from 2011, and the plot threads remain unresolved, to be done in 2013.

50. 2013 better solve the plot threads: whats on the cards, I will not know, but I'd better learn from the previous years, and hope to be happy days!

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